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This is a place for fans to come and rest from their hard days at work by reading and chatting and looking at all things to do with that gorgeous and talented hunk of a man actor Kyle Schmid *grins*

Because I want it to be a friendly open-to-anyone community, the membership is Open, no Moderation. However, if there is something that you want to share with the community only then feel free to lock any post you like :) I may change the membership moderation at any stage, but I will notify you before I do so.

Anything goes here, except for a few simple rules:

~ ALWAYS show respect to your fellow fans, even if you are on the opposite side of a discussion. This is designed to be a place for fun :). Debate is more than welcome as long as it is kept civilised.
~ Posts with more than three icons must be behind a cut (with thoughts for our dialup friends). Teasers are more than welcome, they are encouraged!
~ Posts with graphics bigger than the journal width MUST be behind a cut. It's preferable if you use that funky little thing called a 'clickable thumbnail' that Photobucket and Imageshack provide. Then it doesn't have to be behind a cut ;)
~ I always look forward to suggestions on how to improve communities, or recommendations for challenges so if you have any then let me know!
~ Most importantly - Keep all posts somehow tied to Kyle Schmid. Play six degrees of separation if you have to, but it must tie back to Kyle somehow.
~ If you need to contact me, please do so via my private journal here

Now, go forth and multipy!! :D

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